“2,267 social media influencers, trendsetters and early adopters reveal next years biggest trends in exercise, nutrition, food, alcohol, cannabis, supplements, e-commerce, apps, and much more…”

With access to 107-pages filled with insights and strategies revealed in this exclusive marketing research, you’ll have an instant competitive advantage over any other brand in the $4.2 Trillion Wellness Industry.

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A 4.2 trillion global market

Wellness, defined broadly as the active pursuit of activities that promote physical and mental well-being, has grown into a force in culture and business over the last few years.

It’s a $4.2 trillion global market, growing nearly twice as fast as the global economy, and the total industry represents a whopping 5.3% of global economic output.

As such… marketers, founders, investors and other stakeholders are wise to pay attention to where the wellness industry is heading.

Wellness is everywhere, and wellness is hot!

What has historically been against the norm (like weight loss, diets, veganism, staying away from alcohol or using Cannabis) is suddenly at the epicenter of culture.

Wellness is everywhere, and wellness is hot!

Michelin dining has been replaced Intermittent Fasting. We aspire to ride Peloton bikes, not Porsches– And late nights at 1OAK have been replaced by early mornings at Core Power Yoga.

External perception of wellness has, in several ways, become a symbol of economic and social status.

These macro trends, and their relevance in culture, was what paved the way for The 2020 Influencer Wellness Report.

To understand where the wellness industry is heading, we teamed up with a total of 2,267 social media influencers across 10 different verticals and 60 countries. Each with an average of 75,000 followers on Instagram. Here’s what’s particularly interesting:

Influencers move markets

Participants in the survey were 5x more likely (vs average population) to identify as innovators or Early Adopters. These are market segments commonly known to be visionaries, role models and trendsetters– Opinion leaders that influence the early majority, late majority and mass market.

Each respondent answered a total of 70+ questions across 8 different wellness categories. The majority of the questions were about trends and how they perceive the many aspects of the wellness landscape in 2020.

The output is a 107-page report filled with data, trends, insights – A must-have if you work in the wellness industry. Here’s why this might be the most important report you get your hands on this year:

The goal? To help marketing teams get ahead…

The goal with all of this is to help marketers understand what these trendsetters with influence will be paying attention next year – Along with unique insights and strategies that you can apply to get ahead of an extremely competitive landscape. Alternatively, to simply plan ahead.

Here’s an overview of the aspects and categories covered in the report.


General wellness trends

E-commerce & Shopping habits

Apps, technology and Media

Brands, culture and Influence

Wellness Categories

Exercise & Fitness

Nutrition & Alcohol

Diets & Dieting


Mental wellness


Wellness in Fashion

Wellness in Travel

Get the entire global trend report now for just $495.

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Report Overview

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll get instant access to a high-resolution PDF report. Here’s what’s included within each section:

Introduction and Takeaways (Page 3-13)

  • Why Wellness is Everywhere in 2020!

  • Home, Online and in Apps is Where the Gym is.

  • Nutrition is More Personal than Ever Before.

  • Will Travel for Wellness.

  • Influencers are Going Green.

Who Did We Talk To? (Page 14-19)

  • 2,267 influencers, across 67 markets, 72 questions per participant

  • Are Influencers more likely to be early adopters?

  • Why Social Media Influencers Shape Future Mainstream Trends!

General Wellness Trends (Page 20-26)

  • The 7 Most Popular Wellness Areas in 2020

  • The 12 Most Popular Wellness Trends in 2020

  • Influencers are Putting More Focus on Wellness

  • Which wellness trends are early adopters most excited about?

  • One Size Does Not Fit All Influencers

  • Plant Based Skin Care, Meditation, Home Wellness Tech is Huge!

E-Commerce & Shopping Habits (Page 27-32)

  • Platform trends (E-commerce, DTC, Amazon, Subscription Services, Fitness Clubs)

  • Where do you currently shop for wellness related products and service?

  • Where will you be shopping for wellness related products and service in 2020?

  • Flatline, Amazon!

  • Influencers Subscribe to the Subscription Economy

  • The Death of Retail is Exaggerated

Exercise (Page 33-44)

  • The 9 Most Popular Exercise/Fitness Routines in 2020

  • 8 Most Important Deciding Factors That Drive Preference of Exercise Routines

  • Going to the Gym. Doing Yoga. Running.

  • Fitness Influencers are Going Big on Endurance Sports.

  • What types of exercise routines will grow in 2020?

  • Location, Location, Location.

  • Deciding factors for Men vs Women, Age Groups

  • Home is Where the Gym is.

  • Influencers Want to Tone it Up!

  • The 15 most popular in-home fitness/workout systems

Nutrition & Alcohol (page 45-54)

  • Go Vegan? Maybe. Less Meat? Absolutely!

  • Healthy for Me, Healthy for the Planet

  • The 4 Key Areas that influence Veganism Consideration

  • Top Vegan Products in 2020

  • It’s All Personal. And Hold the Sugar.

  • Female Influencers Drive Excitement for Nutritional Trends

  • 12 Common Nutritional Trends by Popularity

  • Influencers are Sober Curious!

  • Alcohol Free Cocktails a Big Opportunity!

Diets & Dieting (Page 55-59)

  • Diets are Still a Big Deal in 2020!

  • The 17 Most Popular Diets in 2020

  • All Hail the King!

  • Is Keto Dead?

Supplements (Page 60-66)

  • The Reign of the… Protein Powder?

  • Feel Better, Perform Better

  • The 21 most popular dietary supplements and herbal remedies (Men vs Women)

  • 14 factors that drive product category consideration ranked by popularity

Mental Wellness (Page 67-71)

  • Influencers are Going Big on Mental Wellness

  • Namaste, But No Thanks Doc!

  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychiatrists and Mental Wellness Apps

  • Why Brands Tapping into Mental Wellness Messaging Have a Massive Opportunity.

Cannabis & Wellness (Page 72-76)

  • How many influencers are using, or planning to use, Cannabis products in 2020?

  • Influencers are Going Green!

  • Popularity of Cannabis Products by Category

  • No Smoking Please.

  • Primary reasons for using or considering using cannabis as part of your wellness routine

Wellness in Fashion (Page 77-80)

  • Well-Fashion is Here, and Influencers are Onboard.

  • Wellness and fashion is NOT only about sports.

  • Influencers Want Smart, Eco-Friendly Fashion.

  • The 6 Wellness Aspects That influence Fashion Choices (By Gender).

Wellness Travel (Page 81-89)

  • Well on the Way.

  • I Want to Travel, and Stay Healthy.

  • Influencers are Ready to be Inspired on the Road

  • Travel and wellness, in the Moment.

  • Travel to Thrive!

  • 27 Wellness Aspects within Travel, Ranked by Popularity

Brands, Culture & Influence (Page 90-95)

  • If You Want to Influence the Influencers, Use Influencers!

  • Influencers Trust Family, Friends - and other Influencers.

  • Influencers are driven by Value

  • The 6 Most Important Factors When Deciding to Partner with a Brand

  • Big Brands, Watch Out!

  • The 25 Most Popular Brands in 2020

  • With Great Products and Core Values, Small Brands Can Make Big Waves.

Apps, Technology & Media (Page 96-104)

  • There Will Be Apps.

  • No App Dominates the Market

  • 38 Most Popular Wellness Apps, Current Usage and Future Consideration

  • 8 Key Factors That Influence Our Choice of Apps

  • Oh Snap! Instagram still #1.

  • Staying Social, but Podcasts are on the Rise.

Keep reading for frequently asked questions and our unique money-back guarantee.

frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

Primarily marketing professionals, founders and agencies that are interested in Exercise & Fitness, Nutrition & Alcohol, Diets & Dieting, Supplements, Mental wellness, Cannabis, Wellness in Fashion, Wellness in Travel.

Secondarily, the insights will be highly relevant to agencies, investors, or anyone that seek to understand influencer-driven trends within the $4.2 Trillion Wellness Industry.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, wellness will be everywhere in 2020 and beyond. Including industries like fashion, travel, food, beverage and technology.

How can this help my company?

The right kind of marketing research is valuable (and sometimes invaluable) for a reason: The insights can give you an edge.

Other leading consumer brands have hired us to similar influencer marketing research projects with our team, and it takes several weeks from start to finish. Often, these brands have around 15 key questions they aim to address, and the insights become extremely valuable as they help shape their marketing and business strategies. The average cost for these projects have been $36,500.

The 2020 Influencer Wellness Report is built on these fundamentals, but rather than a limited set of questions, it’s five times as comprehensive, but for a fraction of the cost.

The insights can be applied within functions like marketing, product development, business development or market predictions, amongst other things.

Do you have any guarantees or sample datasets?

If you question relevancy or value of this report, we’d suggest that you take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee.

Get the report and see for yourself. We’ll give you a full 100% refund if you don't think that the insights can be worth at least 10x the price. There’s no catch. Just tell us what you were expecting and where we missed the mark.

The best part? Because this is an instant digital download, you'll naturally get to keep the report forever either way! See… the risk that you take advantage of the guarantee is entirely on us. I guess it’s our way of “putting our money where our mouth is”.

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