A tribe of handpicked Tastemakers from all around the world,
creating content for all your marketing channels.


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The content

We’re not a production company - we don’t believe in that model when culturally relevant, contextual and authentic content are created by talented content creators. We’ve teamed up with a tribe of tastemakers around the world with diverse visual style in order to create effective, highly culturally relevant content in scale for your brand.

Content Marketing Strategy

We will help you build a consistent and efficient content marketing strategy with the aim of distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire your target audience with the objective of driving customer action.


Whether we’re creating a post or a social media campaign - a social strategy is crucial to ensure consistency within your social feeds. Your dedicated social media and creative team will work on creating a solid strategy for your social media channels.


Tastemakers content formats

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Digital brand video narrative

Whether it’s a vertical or a horizontal video,
this is a highly visually stylized maximum 1 minute long video.


short-form storytelling

1 clip includes 15 seconds, to give room for true storytelling, we’re always working with minimum 4 clips per story.

Story from Bang & Olufsen campaign, by @mossonyi

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Long form storytelling

A chance to get a real sneak peek into someone's life behind the scenes, or go in depth into a product to drive true consideration. Long-form storytelling is a minimum 1 minute long video most suitable for Youtube.

Content by @felixfrankphotography and @johnnyedlind


still images

As it sounds, a still image with your brand visually presented in the relevant context and with the right brand safety guidelines taken into consideration.

Photo from Moda Operandi Campaign, by @dylanasuarez



A cinemagraph is a living image, which increase engagement and attention.



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“Producing content in scale with help from tastemakers that know what content that resonates with their audience which is the consumers we want to reach not only reduce costs it also increase relevance in the next generation of culture