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Relatable is a marketing technology company on a mission to accelerate the shift in global media spend from traditional advertising channels to the future of media; people. We turn influencer marketing into a scalable media channel for our many clients, but that's only the starting point of our journey.

The next-generation growth of the global economy is driven by creativity, not knowledge or capital – and by empowering a large group of creative and influential individuals we believe that good things will happen in the world.

the decentralization of attention

With so many companies competing for attention in your industry, its more and more difficult to get your audience to pay attention and really engage with the the story of your brand.

There's more competition, and we also live in a mobile-first world where consumers are constantly interrupted by stories, photos and videos from people they trust, like and follow.  Additionally, people now have more publishing power than the world's largest media companies had no more than 10 years ago.

So, the days when traditional media held our undivided attention are long gone, and the smartest brands and marketers in the world quickly turned this new reality into their advantage. They built their marketing strategy in ways they knew would genuinely resonate with their target audience, on their terms - with engagement, entertainment and relevancy.

In return they now get to tell their story in a context where people are happy to listen.



While people turned into media companies, many brands still had a long way to go before they could media plan their influencer marketing efforts. They saw the opportunity, but there was little they could do.

The idea of moving 700 billion dollars of global advertising spend from traditional media companies to people – the media power houses of the future – is great in theory, but not necessarily easy in practice.

In fact, Both Fortune 500 Brands and brave startups struggled with both strategy, execution and quality while creators were equally frustrated with the overall process.


the world changes when we change our perspective

In late 2015 we set out to combine our extensive experience in media, technology and entertainment to solve these many different challenges by approaching the challenge from a new perspective.

We developed the technology that was missing based on the bottlenecks and problems our clients experienced - and were finally able to achieve things that no one had been able to do before.

The scale quickly lead to unique insights, new challenges and best practice that further accelerated the flywheel of both their, and our, business growth. More brands came onboard, and we consequently attracted an amazing team of people across the globe that now help our clients with their influencer marketing and digital advertising.

We're proud to have executed more than 5,000 collaborations with 80+ brands across 40 countries and built a team of talented co-workers across Stockholm, London and Los Angeles in less than 3 years.


Meet the team

You'll be working with a global team of passionate experts with a deep understanding of how to help you with your challenges. Together, we've executed 10,000+ collaborations across YouTube and Instagram reaching 500+ million consumers.