Celina Karine

Celina Karine - Make Up Artist and YouTuber from Oslo, Norway

n this new interview series you'll get to meet some of the millions of people in the relatable index and hear their point of view, honest opinions and advice to marketing teams and brands that are looking to engage the growing long-tail of digital influential talent. 

Meet @celinakarine – one of 260 people that participated in our recent global campaign with Polaroid Eyewear.  

Alright let's get started, Celina Karine. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Celina Karine, I'm 21 years old and work as a make up artist and youtuber.

Cool, where do you live, Celina Karine? 

Oslo, Norway

So, you’ve a lot of followers on Instagram with exceptionally high engagement, how did that happen? 

Here in Norway there aren't really that many Norwegian YouTubers, at least not when I started, so I guess people were very interested when myself and a few others started to post make up tutorials a couple of years ago. I am very personal with my followers on all of my platforms and I think the main reason for the engagement I am getting from them is due to me being relatable (hehe!) :)

Besides Instagram,  where else can people find you online? 


Now, with a growing fan base and high quality content you're on a really great trajectory. But what's your goal (or dream even) say, in a year from now?  Where would you want to be? 

To continue to grow on social media and to create more own products

That sounds so exciting! What's your favourite brand that you follow on Instagram? 

NYX Cosmetics, Quay Australia and Bagatiba are some of them

Sweet! Speaking of brands and Instagram, how many brands are contacting you for collaborations each month? 


Congrats, that's amazing and quickly adds up to alot of opportunities this year. With that many brands reaching out to you, what’s your #1 advice for brands that are looking to run brand marketing campaigns with online content creators and influencers like yourself? 

Give the influencer freedom to do the campaign as they know their followers will enjoy the most! 

And what are your thoughts about brands that are contacting you to do work for them without any compensation (just free products)? 

It depends on the relation and what they expect in return. I have answered many times that I really can't live on lipstick, all though I'd wished for it to be that easy. You wouldn't expect a chef to cook for free if you gave him kitchen tools, so why should I work for free? 

On the topic of compensation and disclosure, how is your audience reacting to #sponsored posts? 

As long as the post are done in my way and written with my own words, they seem to enjoy them. Especially when they are getting a coupon code or something like that :) 

What’s your #1 advice for other digital creators like yourself that are looking to run successful brand collaborations? 

Be selective and deliver. 

Final question about brand collaborations then: The Brands that you are choosing to work with – What are the main factors when you choose to collaborate with a brand? 

I really appreciate cruelty friendly brands who is know for good service, quality products and great collabs. As I've already said it is also very important to me that the campaign allows me to do it in my own way with my own words. 

You recently participated in one of our campaigns with Polaroid Eyewear along with 260 other people. How did this campaign differ from other collaborations you have done or seen others do and why? 

From what I understand it was a big campaign and it was very fun being a part of it! I wished I could pick my pair my self, not just being sent a random one, but I turned out okey :)

And what's it like working with Relatable? 

I love how easy Relatable makes it! You follow me through the campaign from start to finish which I really appreciate. Really professional, thanks :) 

That's lovely to hear! Final question – If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? 

Work vise; probably Samantha Maria (YouTuber & blogger). I really love her style and think she does a great job!

(The lovely Samantha Maria featured in photo above)

And with that we'll wrap up this interview and encourage everyone to follow @celinakarine on Instagram and check out http://youtube.com/celina1105