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“With these 250 culturally relevant marketing opportunities at your fingertips, Your Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Event Activations, PR and Influencer Marketing will never be the same…!”

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In this 267-page softcover limited edition book, you'll discover 250 culturally relevant marketing opportunities for 2019 that will give you an instant game plan for your social media, PR, Influencer Marketing and Promotional campaigns (and much more).

This book will save you time, eliminate guesswork and make sure you don’t miss out on a single marketing opportunity (that your customers will love) in 2019!

Here's a small selection of what you’ll discover:


  • 87 Different Location Specific Live Activation Opportunities across 9 Different Verticals

  • 24 Anticipated Movie Premieres and How to Leverage Every Single One to Build Your Campaign on The Strongest Emotion In Advertising (Hint: It’s not Love!)

  • 86 Unofficial “Social Media” Days like National Beard Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day and National Candy Day (And why they matter for your specific vertical)

  • The largest and most important days in retail and e-commerce beyond Black Friday and Christmas Day throughout the entire year to make sure you never miss out on opportunities to create appealing promotions in your specific market

  • You’ll be fully organized with a comprehensive index, One opportunity per page across 12 chapters (one per calendar month) with a spare page at the end of each chapter with room for your personal shortlist and notes.

  • Each marketing opportunity is mapped to a key vertical, such as Apps & Services, Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Life at Home & Parenting, Personal Care, Travel and Wellness, Fitness, Health.

  • … Across 14 different categories like Anticipated Movie Premieres, Bank Holidays, Fashion Events, Festivals, Industry Conferences, Major Sport Events, Awards, Music, Public Holidays, Social Media Days and much more!

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Keep reading to get the full story on why we decided to make this book or head over here to secure your copy.

What A Global Fortune 500 Consumer Brand That Spends $10 Billion per Year on Advertising Have in Common With A 10-Person Direct-to-Consumer Plant-Based Skincare Startup…

I’d like to give you the true behind-the-scenes story on how this book came to be.

It’s really more of a resource than a book, and arguably a lot more valuable – BUT the original intent was actually to keep these insights to ourselves.

Having worked with more than a hundred different consumer brands in the last three years, ranging from some of the largest brands in the world to rapid growing direct-to-consumer startups, we’ve discovered an interesting pattern.

It doesn’t matter if you they spend ten billion dollars per year on advertising (client A) or if your entire company consists of no more than ten people (client B). They both have that same challenge.

Both client A and client B have the same challenge and are fighting for the same thing.

It isn’t knowledge, capital or creativity. Neither talent or wisdom. Can you guess what it is?

Large or small, they’re fighting to get their voice heard in a world where attention has become decentralized, and…

… the days of broadcast media or advertising, where you could have the undivided attention of a certain audience, are gone!

With so many companies competing for attention in their industries, it’s more and more difficult to get the audience to pay attention and really engage with what they have to say.

There's more competition, and we also live in a mobile-first world where consumers are constantly interrupted by stories, photos and videos from people they trust, like and follow. Additionally, people now have more publishing power than the world's largest media companies had just 5-10 years ago. So, the days when traditional media held our undivided attention are long gone.

Then, there are those that have turned this new reality into their unfair advantage. They built their marketing strategy in ways they knew would genuinely resonate with their target audience, on their terms - with engagement, entertainment and relevancy. In return they were granted permission to tell their story in a context where people were happy to listen.

With all this in mind, let’s pull back the curtain and get real.

We’re in the business of helping these brands and marketing teams with this massive challenge and figure out how to build marketing campaigns that are contextually and culturally relevant – in ways that resonate, entertain and engage.

If we can help them with that, we win big.

There was a challenge, though. In order to build campaigns that would resonate with culture with relevance, we had to map out these opportunities across multiple industries, verticals and markets.

The major opportunities are easy to spot. Coachella is for fashion, Black Friday for e-commerce and New Year for the fitness industry. But did you know that there are 48 other equally relevant major international festivals, 9 other important days in e- commerce and a total of 86 unofficial days that, depending on your vertical, could be your most important day of the year?

So, we began to document the when, where, what and how of these different days – and it eventually turned into a large database with 250+ culturally relevant marketing opportunities.

Ranging from anticipated movie premieres to industry-specific events, my team now have a valuable asset and resource that they can leverage to identify new unique and creative ideas for our clients across a large range of markets, verticals and categories.

This was naturally followed by telling a few clients and friends about the work we had done to get their feedback.

That’s when I realized the value of our internal resource.

“We’ve tried to create something like this for years – but just never had the time to do the research or turn it into a shared resource!” one said.

It made me think.

I worked at Spotify (a brand that truly have figured out how to tap into culture and win the hearts and minds of their customers) for five years and remember having the same discussions with various stakeholders and teams – extended to email marketing, social media, advertising and PR. Not only for internal purposes but in collaborations with other brands, platforms, record labels and even artists.

“This would take months to research, and by then the opportunities would already have passed!”, another client insisted.

With all of this in mind, it made me realize how valuable it would be to have a little book by your side on your desk that you could flip through, with a chapter for each month, and identify what your next big, and small, opportunities are along with short explanations on the what, where, why and when.

So that’s exactly what my team and I have made for you. The research alone took over three months, followed by turning the insights into an easy-to-read format. With all of that in mind I truly hope that this book, or resource, will be your favorite marketing companion in 2019.

Now you may wonder – why go through all this trouble just to share our own unique asset (and perhaps unfair advantage) with everybody else?

To get YOUR ATTENTION, of course.


Only 500 copies available in this limited edition promotion.

Aron Levin, Co-founder
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