Want to learn how some of the largest brands in the world run brand ambassador and influencer marketing activations at massive scale with zero headache?


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  • Absolut turned to Relatable to get the word out about the Limelight tent and the new Absolut Lime at Coachella. Using our geo-targeting capabilities we automatically identified more than 3,000+ potential influencers for this campaign.

  • We teamed up with Adobe and identified and activated 165 creative professionals in 11 different countries with a combined total reach of 9.7 million consumers – showcasing what’s new with Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Uber and Animal Planet delivered the cutest puppy squad on four paws with Puppies on demand at Super Bowl 50 – donating all proceeds from the campaign to local animal shelters. To amplify word of mouth and create awareness on the day of launch Uber partnered with Relatable to amplify word of mouth and help get the word out.


Never-before-seen scale

Uber quickly turned their Super Bowl campaign into a nationwide top trending topic with their 50 most influential brand ambassadors in NYC.

Client: Uber
Campaign: Uber Puppy Bowl

# of ambassadors: 50
Markets: United States
Duration: 4 hours
Reach: 10 million
Interactions: 190,000+
Engagement: 1.90%
Project lead time: 8 days
Overhead:  1 Google hangout

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Adobe engaged the creative community at never-before-seen scale and created #sponsored content on Instagram outperforming native posts. Must-read!

Client: Adobe
Campaign: Creative Cloud 2017

# of ambassadors: 165
Markets: 11 markets in total
Duration: 1 day
Reach: 9.7 million
Interactions: 391,000+
Engagement: 4.04%
Project lead time: 1 week
Overhead: 2 phone calls

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You know those #AbsolutNights when...? Check out this case study to see how Absolut activated an army of creative individuals in 8 countries.

Client: The Absolut Company
Campaign: #AbsolutNights

# of stories: 243 posts
Markets: 8 in total
Duration: 5 months
Reach: 8.3 million people
Interactions: 340,000+
Engagement: 4.2%
Project lead time: 2 weeks
Overhead: 2 week lead time

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Targeting 1,000 cities and 100+ countries.

24 hours was all it took to get 24 Samsung influencers on Manhattan to show up at the new flagship store to quickly get the word out! 

Client: Samsung
Campaign:  Samsung 837 store launch

# of ambassadors: 24
Markets: New York City, USA
Duration: 2 days
Reach: 2.1 million people
Interactions: 37,000+
Engagement: 1.8%
Project lead time: 5 days
Overhead: 1 Google hangout

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Our geo-targeting capabilities really came into play when Wolt launched their food delivery service and targeted specific neighbourhoods in Stockholm.

Client: Wolt
Campaign: Product launch, Sweden

# of stories: 72 posts
Markets: Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 6 weeks
Reach: 798k people
Interactions: 28,690
Engagement: 3.77%
Project lead time: 5 days
Overhead: 2 meetings, 1 phone call

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We put the new Xbox One S into the hands of these gamers and parents – creating 20 posts reaching 800k+ people in time for the holiday season.

Client: Microsoft / Xbox
Campaign: The perfect gift for Xmas

# of stories: 20 posts
Markets: Poland
Duration: 1 week
Reach: 804,000 people
Interactions: 16,488
Engagement: 2.05%
Project lead time: 10 days
Overhead: 2 Google Hangouts

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Change Lingerie teamed up with the Red Cross organisation to empower women and do good while doing well with 27 Norwegian brand ambassadors.

Client: Change Lingerie
Campaign: Change - 10th anniversary

# of stories: 34
Markets: Oslo/Norway
Duration: 4 days
Reach: 408,049 people
Interactions: 11,000
Engagement: 2.76%
Project lead time: 2 weeks
Overhead: 3 meetings

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We brought 20 influential brand ambassadors to the new Peak Performance flagship store ahead of the official launch.

Client: Peak Performance
Campaign: Flagship store opening

# of stories: 43
Markets: Helsinki, Finland
Duration: 6 days
Reach: 460,000 people
Interactions: 25,506
Engagement: 5.55%
Project lead time: 2 weeks
Overhead: 2 phone calls

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22 influential foodies and parents participated in this activation to create stunning content and visual storytelling for this iconic Norwegian brand.

Client: Diplom-Is
Campaign: Your Own Ice Cream Bar

# of stories: 22
Markets: Norway
Duration: 2 days
Reach: 545,000 people
Interactions: 7,423
Engagement: 1.36%
Project lead time: 2 weeks
Overhead: 4 phone calls

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Visual storytelling with contextual and cultural relevance

Everybody loves Discover Weekly – And so we teamed up with Spotify to activate their most influential brand ambassadors in Sweden.

Client: Spotify
Campaign: Discover Weekly SE

# of stories: 70
Markets: Sweden
Duration: 4 weeks
Reach: 1,800,000 people
Interactions: 97,000+
Engagement: 4.84%
Project lead time: 10 days
Overhead: 2 meetings

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The people we meet change our lives and Tinder is the best way to discover and meet interesting people nearby – Check out the case study to learn more.

Client: Tinder
Campaign: Meet Someone New

# of stories: 60
Markets: Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico
Duration: 4 weeks
Reach: 4,200,000 people
Interactions: 168,000+
Engagement: 4.0%
Project lead time: 3 weeks
Overhead: 2 meetings

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Learn how Absolut Vodka coordinated 47 brand ambassadors in 3 continents & 6 countries - All on the same day - reaching more than 1.1M people

Client: The Absolut Company
Campaign: National Cosmo Day

# of ambassadors: 47
Markets: 5 (BR/MX/FR/ES/SK)
Duration: 1 day
Reach: 1.140,000 people
Interactions: 50,800
Engagement: 3.4%
Project lead time: 4 days
Overhead: 2 phone calls

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Special Ops & The seemingly impossible

Actors, Models, Athletes & TV hosts participated in this activation reaching more than 14 million followers on the same week!

Client: SKYN

# of stories: 28
Markets: US & Brazil
Duration: 2 days
Reach: 14 million people
Interactions: 277,000+
Video views: 162,000+
Project lead time: 3 weeks
Overhead: 1 meeting, a few calls

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Check out this mini-case study to get a peak behind the scenes and learn how we help small but performance-driven companies generate sales and leads.

Client: Mockberg
Campaign: Celebrating 60k followers

# of lead posts: 8
Markets: Global
Duration: 2 weeks
Reach: 1,070,824 people
Revenue: $13,061.00
Leads generated: 1,361
Project lead time: 6 days
Overhead: 1 phone call, a few emails

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NEW! Leveraging our index of 10,000,000+ creative individuals, brand ambassadors and influencers we quickly identified 3,000 individuals with strong affinity and likelihood of attending Coachella. 

Client: Absolut USA
Campaign: Live at Coachella

# of participants: 19
Markets: USA
Duration: 2 weekends
Reach: 2,374,000+ people
Interactions: 68,395
Engagement: 2.9%
Project lead time: Real time
Overhead: A few quick calls + email

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Word of mouth is more likely to happen in close-knit groups of friends. Check out how Airtime leveraged this insight to get the word out with Relatable.

Client: Airtime
Campaign: Product launch, US

# of ambassadors: 64
Markets: 5 cities in United States
Duration: 4 days
Reach: 345,000+ people
Interactions: 16,777
Engagement: 4.9%
Project lead time: 10 days
Overhead: 4 meetings

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Award-winning National Geographics Photographer Pete McBride and Tim Kemple flew out to Iceland for this special ops activation.

Client: Hurtigruten
Campaign: Plant Your Flag

# of ambassadors: 2
Markets: Global
Duration: 1 month
Reach: 4.4 million people
Interactions: 90,514
Engagement: 2.0%
Project lead time: 3 days
Overhead: 3 meetings, a few late nights

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NEW! Starting with food photography, Adobe are tapping into a very targeted vertical of aspiring hobby photographers to drive reach, engagement and conversion for Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Client: Adobe EMEA
Campaign: Food Photography

# of posts: 42
Markets: Germany, France, UK
Duration: 2 weeks
Reach: 3,729,935+ people
Interactions: 113,000+
Engagement: 3%+
Project lead time: one month
Overhead: 4 phone calls

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Could we get people in 4 countries to sing for Europe and take a stance against racism, all on the same day? Get the full case study to find out.

Client: Tele2 / Eurovision 2016
Campaign: #SingForEurope

# of ambassadors: 47
Markets: 4 (UK/FR/ES/SE)
Duration: 1 day
Reach: 2 million people
Interactions: 71,000+
Engagement: 3.9%
Project lead time: 8 days
Overhead: 1 meeting, 3 phone calls

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As actresses, Models, DJs & TV hosts travelled to Ibiza we automatically reached out and activated them in real-time in this special ops project.

Client: The Absolut Company
Campaign: Live on Ibiza!

# of ambassadors: 15
Markets: Global
Duration: 2 months
Reach: 5.1 million people
Interactions: 126,601
Engagement: 2.64%
Project lead time: real time
Overhead: 1 meeting, a few calls

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NEW! Love Ginger? Positioning the new Pepsi Max Ginger in a relevant social setting with visual storytelling – Pepsi created a series of high quality content posts with over 4% engagement (2x organic avg!) in their key audience.

Client: Pepsi
Campaign: #LoveGinger Pepsi Max

# of posts: 20
Markets: Sweden
Duration: 2 weeks
Reach: 800,000+ people
Interactions: 36,000+
Engagement: 4%+
Project lead time: one month
Overhead: 2 hangouts

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