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"New Book Reveals 48 Valuable Insights From Campaigns Reaching 250,000,000 Consumers in 30 Different Countries... and more importantly how you and your team can implement these insights to scale your Influencer Marketing in 2018!"


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In this 126-page easy-to-read Influencer Marketing Handbook, you'll discover 48 valuable insights that will help you eliminate guesswork, get up to speed and cure future headache for yourself and your team.  Here's a small selection of what you'll learn:

  • Data, insights and findings from 4,000+ collaborations on Youtube and Instagram in 30 different countries, reaching 250,000,000+ consumers (Page 17)

  • The simple 3-step formula our clients use to plan their campaigns from overall marketing objective to targets (page 19)

  • Effective campaign operations and ten valuable insights from our team that will save you hundreds of hours and countless common mistakes (Page 40)

  • A transparent breakdown of pricing, what to pay for influencer marketing and how much you should invest if you're just starting out (Page 50)

  • How to dominate YouTube if you're in performance marketing and the one insight that's likely more valuable than all other insights combined (Page 62)

  • How to create top performing YouTube videos that drive website traffic, app installs and sales (page 58)

  • The reverse approach we use to predict the outcome of every single campaign with zero risk or guesswork (page 22)

  • The 7 Principles of Word of Mouth and what Space X, Bitcoin, Uber and Amazon Prime have in common that can change the way you think about your communication strategy forever (Page 98).

  • … Plus 44 other insights!

Order the 2018 Influencer Marketing Handbook and take your Influencer Marketing to the next level. 


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An easy-to-read 126 page book with all our "secrets"... 

Teaming up with content creators from 30 different countries in 4,000+ collaborations reaching more than 250,000,000+ consumers online in the last two years, me and my team have invested our “Ten Thousand Hours Of Practice” (to quote Malcom Gladwell) into figuring out what works and what doesn’t if you’re looking to scale your influencer marketing with efficiency. This is what I do together with my team at Relatable. Every hour we’re awake, seven days per week.

I’d like to share these insights with you, today.

Tracking 13,000,000+ influencers on Instagram and 1.700.000+ YouTube channels in real-time we have also gathered a unique insight into the social media landscape of today.

Insights that can help you accomplish better results if applied in the right way. 

Believe it or not, but we even impressed the folks over at Google with our search engine and how well our data is organized. Yeah, I do see the irony in the testimonial. Talk about selling ice to an Eskimo. But more importantly…

…These golden nuggets can be helpful if you’re looking to scale your influencer marketing, connect the dots with your other marketing activities and free up time for you and your team.

A few words of caution though.

This isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, an easy way out, advice that requires zero effort or a magic bullet – you’re likely in the wrong place.

What I’m about to share with you are by no means a white paper with seven easy steps. I wish I could, but digital marketing in 2018 just ain't that simple. 

Instead, what I’d like to offer here is actionable hands-on advice that can be applied to your business if you agree that influencer marketing is important for your brand and are eager to create highly effective campaigns that drive real results.

It should also be noted that this book is written with a very specific persona in mind. It’s by no means a blueprint or comprehensive guide covering each and every aspect of influencer marketing, but rather a collection of knowledge that can be extremely powerful if put into the hands of the right person.


Here’s who we think you are:

  • You’re in marketing, advertising or PR, working for a consumer brand or at an agency (representing one or multiple brands selling consumer goods, products or services.)

  • You’re already bought into the idea that influencer marketing can help the brand, product or services that you’re working for or with.

  • There’s affinity for the brand, natural word of mouth for its services or an interesting story to tell that will resonate with the target segment.

  • You want to scale your influencer marketing efforts but struggle with one or many of the aspects of this marketing channel.

  • You’ve got some skin in the game and have tested things that are either working really well (and are looking to scale or make those things more efficient) or you’ve started out with influencer marketing but haven’t been able to see the results you’ve been hoping for!

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by how fast things are moving in the digital advertising and social media landscape nowadays and want to get ahead and understand what rules to play by right now. On that note – If you’re reading this and it’s no longer 2018, head over to to get the latest version!

  • You value actionable pragmatic hands-on field-tested advice over academic theories.

Now, if this feels anything like you, The 2018 Influencer Marketing Handbook will likely be a really good read.


But we've only printed 1,000 copies, and they're going fast because we're giving them away for free. Here's why:


We've spent the last 2 years running over 4,000 Influencer Marketing collaborations on Instagram and YouTube with creators and brands in 30 countries for not just mega-brands like Google, Adobe and Ralph Lauren but with exceptional marketing teams at smaller companies with amazing products like Lifesum, BioClarity and Tinder...

... and one of the main reasons to why we've been able to attract such amazing marketing teams as clients is because 90% of the time I spend with them is about sharing our knowledge, expertise, tools and insights to help them get to the next level in their digital marketing...

So a while back this year I decided to gather all those insights that we've applied to their marketing to quite frankly get it out of my hand and the very limited circle of people we've been able to meet with and talk to so far.

Now, rather than holding back and protect what we've learned, I've decided to share it with the world – with you, your team and likely even our competitors. 

It's a collection of 48 valuable insights with data, expertise and advice that we've gathered over the last 2 years as we've built and launched some of the largest and most complex influencer marketing activations in the world, while helping many of our clients replace their existing media channel with this new and challenging form of advertising.

But we've only printed 1,000 copies. 

And they're going fast.

Because we're giving them away for free.

To keep my team from going completely insane with demand we do ask that you pay for shipping and handling, but that's it...and in full transparency...


...We'll actually end up loosing money on each book we give away.
But here's why I think it's a good idea, anyway:


Two things can happen.

1. We'll ship you a copy and you'll come back to us at some point later this year and become a client.

2. You'll find the content and insights in the book valuable enough to tell your friends or pass the copy along to someone else who'll become a client of ours.

... But, quite frankly, there's no way for us to know if either of that will happen or if it makes financial sense, so that's why we've only printed a limited batch. A bit of a gamble on our end, but that's life.

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Only 1,000 copies available in this limited edition promotion.

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