We're working with some of the most demanding brands and marketing teams on the planet.
Together, their campaigns and programs have reached more than 250,000,000 consumers
and continue to have massive impact on their digital marketing:


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We differentiate with speed, large-scale,
high-quality and the seemingly impossible

We operate all campaigns from A-Z with a managed service approach.
Here's a selection of what's included in our services:

The Relatable Index

The world’s largest global index of influential creatives



Location, category, reach, engagement, fees & more

Anti-fraud/FTC compliance

Pre emptive analysis coupled with monitoring

Creative Development

Creative support & direction for all campaigns

Brief & Communication

From invitations to personal support


Optional distribution of physical goods & more.


Automatic and manual monitoring and approval


Global Payment Ops

Cross border payments
with full compliance


Campaign performance -& audience insights


Turning influencer marketing into a media channel for big consumer brands & performance-driven startups

The brands that work with us believe in the idea of amplifying their word of mouth with their most influential brand ambassadors. It’s a modern approach to brand marketing, on mobile, with massive impact - and together we’ve launched some of the largest brand ambassador activation programs in the world.

Have a look at these case studies and you’ll understand why clients like Ralph Lauren, Adobe and Uber trust us to deliver large-scale brand ambassador marketing both globally and locally at rapid speed, with very little overhead.

Talent Independent with millions of influencers and content creators in 1,000+ locations and 50+ categories

Finding the right people is the #1 challenge that brands and marketing teams face when scaling their influencer marketing efforts.

Tracking millions of online creators in real-time we're able to find exactly the right people for your marketing campaign, brand ambassador activation or ongoing performance / brand marketing.

With a tech-driven approach and our proprietary in-house software we're able to give you detailed audience insights and connect the dots with your overall marketing strategy.

Want to see a small part of our targeting capabilities in action? We have published this new tool that will generate a media kit for anyone with more than 10,000 followers.



7,000+ collaborations reaching 500,000,000+ consumers for some of the largest brands in the world

Having launched over 7,000+ collaborations on Instagram & YouTube in 40+ countries for 100+ brands in the last three years has lead us to build both the knowledge and experience we need to turn influencer marketing into a scalable media channel.

The technical infrastructure and processes we've developed are built to manage large-scale ambassador / influencer marketing activations for the most demanding consumer brands in the world. 

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99% of creators and influencers strongly recommend Relatable.
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My experience working with Relatable was just amazing. I received full support whenever I emailed the team, they always helped me and answered in time.


I love working with Relatable honestly, one of my favorite platforms. They pay quicker than any other company!


Relatable is very different from other platforms I've worked with; they are very efficient and dedicated so that everyone involve in the campaign has a smooth experience.


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