We work with some of the greatest brands
and marketing teams on the planet:

Want to turn your most influential brand ambassadors into
the voice and distribution of your next activation, campaign or launch? 



Global reach with mind blowing creativity


The world’s largest publishing network of its kind

Mobile only, global reach of 500M consumers with truly native messaging at massive scale.

The world’s best and most powerful creatives

Our 14 million publishers are real people with real followings, showing love for your brand in their unique way. They produce and publish the most engaging content in the world.

A range of services & proprietary software products

Managing thousands of creatives is a headache you would not want. We manage them for you, with our systematic approach and clever tools.

Attention, engagement & emotional connection is found in the long-tail.
When you work with a large number of ordinary people with extraordinary influence in their channels the result is massive reach, unmatched engagement and real emotional connection with your target audience.

We differentiate with speed, large-scale,
high-quality and the seemingly impossible

We operate all campaigns from A-Z with a managed service approach.
Here's a selection of what's included in our services:

The Relatable Index

The world’s largest global index of influential creatives



Location, category, reach, engagement, fees & more

Anti-fraud/FTC compliance

Pre emptive analysis coupled with monitoring

Creative Development

Creative support & direction for all campaigns

Brief & Communication

From invitations to personal support


Optional distribution of physical goods & more.


Automatic and manual monitoring and approval


Global Payment Ops

Cross border payments
with full compliance


Campaign performance -& audience insights


14,794,184 influencers and content creators
in 1,000+ locations and 50+ categories

Finding the right people is the #1 challenge that brands and marketing teams face when scaling their influencer marketing efforts.

Tracking 13,000,000+ people on Instagram and 1,800,000+ Youtube channels in real-time we're able to find exactly the right people for your marketing campaign, brand ambassador activation or ongoing performance / brand marketing.

With a tech-driven approach and our proprietary in-house software we're able to give you detailed audience insights and connect the dots with your overall marketing strategy.

Want to see a small part of our targeting capabilities in action? We have published this new tool that will generate a media kit for anyone with more than 10,000 followers.



A managed-service approach with a powerful backend

The technical infrastructure and user flows we put in place for our you are built to manage large-scale ambassador / influencer marketing activations for the world’s biggest consumer brands with very little overhead or headache for both us, the creators we work with and - of course - You and your team.

Having launched over 2,500+ campaigns on Instagram & Youtube in 29 countries for 50+ brands in the last year we have a campaign flow that is built to support the most demanding requests with very little friction and great results.


For Fortune 500 consumer brands
& brave startups.

The brands that work with us believe in the idea of amplifying their word of mouth with their most influential brand ambassadors. It’s a modern approach to brand marketing, on mobile, with massive impact - and together we’ve launched some of the largest brand ambassador activation programs in the world.

Have a look at these case studies and you’ll understand why clients like Uber, Absolut Vodka and Adobe trust us to deliver large-scale brand ambassador marketing both globally and locally at rapid speed, with very little overhead.



98.7% of brand ambassadors strongly recommend Relatable.
Here's what some of these thousands of creators are saying about us:


Relatable connects us with good brands that I actually can write about 100 % truly and from my heart, which makes the sponsored part feel so natural. Also, I love how serious and real it feels. 

Relatable knows the value of this kind of marketing and I feel well paid for what I do, compared to so many other companies that feel fake and just try to use you. And when I feel that it is serious it makes me want to really put effort into making high-quality posts. It's a win win! 

I like the clear and simple guidelines for every new collaboration and it is easy to see if it is something that interests you. And also, I love that Relatable see the value in letting the Instagrammers work free in their own unique way,  and make posts that suits their own feed.

- @JonnaJinton

A really great partner to work with - top brands, lovely people with a transparent process - @ali__dover

Very professional and friendly - These guys just got it right - @thomaseckhoff

Easy to understand, good instructions, very swift contact if I have questions. Payment was quick and easy as well - @peterlundqvist

Go and try them because they provide you with exciting campaigns, so different from each other. The campaigns allow you to sponsor brands while keeping your freedom... - @ste_myhomeself

I like the high end brands they are working with!"- @AngelinaLavo

I loved getting the weekly updates from Peter, which shed some light on the others who participated in this campaign, but also was a source of inspiration as well! Loved seeing what everyone else was doing - @Asliceopi

If these guys invite you to work with them, cancel everything! - @franmart_

How easy and smooth the work happens and the projects and brands you guys represent are simply amazing! The casting of the people involved are super well done and i felt so good working with a cause, project and brand that I really like. - @oliworlds

You are extremely professional and you gave amazing support throughout the gig - @tintimruivo


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The #IMHO Interview series
Up and personal with a selection of
the 15,000,000+ people in our index.

In this new interview series you'll get to meet some of the millions of people in the Relatable index and hear their point of view, honest opinions and advice to marketing teams and brands that are looking to engage the growing long-tail of digital influential talent. 

Check out these additional resources to learn more about what we do and remember to check out our case studies to see how we're helping other brands.
Ready to talk? Head over here.

Check out our talk at Adobe Digital Experience 2016 – where Relatable co-founder Aron Levin talked about the future of media publishing and what happens when a long-tail of creative individuals become the largest media publishers in the world.

Watch this short case film to see how the award-winning health and fitness app Lifesum teamed up with 40 youtube stars from all over the world to reach 7 million subscribers in time for the new year.

This beautiful long-form commercial is the result of when we – with very short notice – identified and secured two of very best and most influential National Geographic photographers in the world and flew them out to Iceland. Check out the beautiful video to see Tim and Pete in action.

Instagram sensations @jonnajinton, @airpixels,@mortenordstrom@sofiesund and @juusohd got together with Adobe to teach their 700,000+ followers how they edit their photos in Lightroom and Photoshop in an exclusive and free five-week class. We brought them over to our offices in Stockholm to hear their point of view and what they value when collaborating with brands like Adobe.

In our biggest activation yet, 260 people in 7 countries teamed up with Polaroid Eyewear to create and distribute branded content reaching more than 15,000,000+ consumers. Check out what The Drum thought about the activation here or get the full inside story in this article.