Influencer Marketing on Instagram in Sweden

Are you looking to run an influencer marketing campaign with influential creators from Sweden? Analysing 15,000,000 influencers globally in real-time, we are happy to share the following insights:

As of October 2017, we’re currently tracking a total of 45,800 influencers in Sweden with between 1,000 and 5.9M followers. The average influencer in Sweden in our index have 10,327 followers and 7.2% engagement. 

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One of the key metrics to analyse when deciding what influencers from Sweden you should be working with is their level of engagement. Engagement for this group is calculated by taking the average likes, comments and mentions from the last 10 posts and divide that number by followers. 

Generally, the fewer followers somebody have, the higher the engagement.  This is what the distribution looks like amongst these 45,800 influencers in Sweden:

[Graph of followers and engagement and how many users there are in each group]

We’ve found the sweet spot to be to target influencers on Instagram with between 20,000 and 250,000 followers with an average of 3% engagement.

The influencers we track in Sweden are split up into 56 categories in 23 different locations. Popular categories are fashion, makeup/beauty, interior design, fitness and food and the most popular locations are Stockholm, Malmö and Västerås.

Quick overview

33,492 influencers
7.2% Avg engagement
10,000 avg followers
52 categories
23 locations

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